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About Administration

Správa CHKO Žďárské vrchy
Administration of Žďárské vrchy PLA)


address:  Brněnská 39

               591 01 Žďár nad Sázavou

phone: +420 566 653 111

fax:     +420 566 653 116


Office hours:

basic           830 - 1330
selectable    700 - 1800

Žďárské Vrchy Protected Landscape Area was designated in 1970 to safeguard nature and landscape conservation. There had been 6 small-scale protected areas before this. Nowadays the preservation of the rarest communities in PLA is secured by 
a network of 49 reserves with a total area 1301 ha.

Together with other areas belonging to the core zone, they form the frame of the territorial system of ecological stability (3.1 % 
of the total area). This area is surrounded by and connected to the second zone of special nature management, which includes near-natural ecosystems with the function, in the territorial system of ecological stability,  of ecological corridors (30.6 % of the area). The third zone represents landscape used for economic activities that have lower ecological stability and it is protected to the basic extent of protection principles (61.3 % of the area). The rest of the area (4.9 %) consists of non-natural border areas and built-up areas.

With regard to zoning, the PLA management plan has been prepared and approved by the Ministry of the Environment, 
whose aim is sustainable development of a harmoniously balanced cultivated landscape with special regard to nature conservation and the landscape character of the territory. Theseprinciples have also been included into the up-dated Žďárské Vrchy regional territorial plan and are applied by execution of the state administration in this area. Economic activity is overseen to achieve compliance with natural conditions of the area and secure its ecological stability. This obligation was frequently neglected 
in history, so restoration and improvment of the environment here is a long-term and costly task. The PLA Administration works 
on this task by providing the Landscape Management Programme, River System Revitalisation Programme,  Rural Renewal Program etc. The management of the territory, communities and populations of specially protected plant and animal species is carried on the basis of monitoring and inventories of natural components. Special preservation programs are carried on in the case of the most endangered species, for example Gentianella spp. or Tetrao tetrix. The conservation is focused on free-growing, non-aestival woody species, which represent a typical landscape element of the PLA with great importance for the health of its environment. The 36 most precious ancient trees and 5 tree rows  have been designated as monument trees and rows and are tended to on a continuous basis.

The Administration of the PLA operates the Krátká information centre and Babín nature conservation field station, serving especially for extracurricular youth education. There are nature conservation paths for visitors (Babín, Žákova Hora and Dářko), which give access to the most precious protected areas. You can also use the Krajem Chrudinky national history and geography path, which starts at Chrudimka head and finishes at Sečská dam in the neighbouring PLA of Železné Hory.

PLA Administration of Žďárské vrchy organizational chart 





Ing. Zdeněk Záliš

Director of the Administration

+420 566 653 120

Ing. Staněk Jan


+420 566 653 112

Bystřický Ondřej forestry protectection

+420 566 653 125

Čejka Jaromír

Environmental education

+420 566 653 118

Čiháková Milena

Building industry

+420 566 653 124

Dajč Lubomír

Nature warden

+420 566 653 134

Hanus Bohumil, DiS.

Information Technology

+420 566 653 122

Ing. Havelka Josef

Building industry

+420 566 653 113

Horká Renata


+420 566 653 134

Ing. Kostecká Radka

Water conservation

+420 566 653 127

Matějka Petr

Building industry

+420 566 653 114

Mgr. Bukáčková Pavlína

Natura 2000

+420 566 653 121

Mgr. Mückstein Petr


+420 566 653 115

Ing. Řetický Josef

Agricultural land conservationkrajiny

+420 566 653 117

Ing. Zabloudil Vladimír


+420 566 653 123

Švastalová Ludmila

Information, registry

+420 566 653 111

PLA Administration Žďárské vrchy


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